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Anonymous said: My boyfriend left me without any excuse but now he's back with many reasons.What do you think,Nish?What should I do?

If he can drop you for no reason you have no reason to take him back. If his reasons really can make up for what he did, then consider it, but otherwise never take shit from a boy and never let a boy treat you like shit.

Anonymous said: i want to follow other boys on tumblr who write about love like you do. who are your favorite male poets on here???

Im totally drawing a blank and I apologize to anyone that I do follow who is a poet and a male, but I dont think I follow any! I have a plethora of female poets who will blow your mind though!

Anonymous said: congratulations on the single, Nish! You deserve it! It sounds amazing!

Ahh!! Thank you, lovely!!

Anonymous said: Woah is that your band? You guys are really good!

It is! Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said: I have never met a boy that writes about love the way you do. Who is the girl that begets such sweet words from you?

someone very special, whether they know it or not.






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Coming to you today

Just so you guys know, I do often sift through the reblogs of my poems and read what you guys write in the tags and wow you guys are really nice, thank you so much <3

I spent a long time writing,
Head pressed against the pages
Drinking ink so that I wouldn’t sink again.

You said to me that there are anchors
Clinging to every inch of your skin
Pulling off so many layers that all your blood
Rusted against the metal dragging against your frame.

The flood came and you were drowning,
I stuck out my hand to pull you back to the surface.

My dear, I know that you believe
I believe in silly things,
But when the water swept you away
I swam after you,
My faith kept me at bay.

With the salt in my eyes
And the light in your hair
I found you on the shoreline,
Our chests emptied of air.

The horizon was on fire, we felt the same way.
Your sadness had lit the fuse.

So I took back to the pen,
We went running,
Turned my diction to ammunition.

I refuse to become a corpse king,
Lamenting love over autumn views.
All the awful your mouth caught wind of,
I will blow it away.

You spent a long time rotting
On your own trying to understand
If by your own hands
You could ever rip the black from your bones.

I am not promising anything,
Not to be your hero,
Not to be your knight,
But to be there when the night gets too dark
And your fear of the absence of light gets too strong.

Don’t think I’ll ever leave you.
If the water rises too high,
I will swallow as much as I can.
And when breath leaves skeleton,
You can sail on me to safety.

When the ocean claims my bones,
Use my soul as your lantern,
I only want to be your lighthouse,
I don’t want to be your ghost.

We spent a long time talking,
With the sand our bed and the world,
The universe our blanket.

We dreamt of
Starlight, pouring into every crevice,
Flooding with warmth
Instead of the cold
That leaves us wishing we couldn’t wish anymore.

So many years we kept our fists up,
Against the terror that kept us awake.
A decade of addiction,
To the pain that never left us.

Well the unknown won’t scare us anymore.
We’ll blow it away.
No more bruises, no more cuts, no more bleeding.
We’ll blow it away.
Won’t even bother with the demons and the devils.
We’ll blow it away.

—   "To My Dearest, A Promise Against Your Depression" - Nishat Ahmed

This is for anyone who might think that just because you have depression, no one could ever love you. I love you.