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Let’s talk about how I wasn’t always the best man.
Let’s talk about my mistakes,
How I’ve shamed my own name
And yet still you decided to take me as I am.
(Thank you.)

But I want to be a better man.

I want my arms to become so strong that
When you are wrapped in them
You know that no harm will ever come to you.

And I want my shoulders to be concrete,
To be steel,
So that I can put Atlas to shame,
So I can put you on my back
Because you are my world and I don’t ever want to let you fall.

If only my heart could grow larger so I could love you right,
So I could pour every pint of blood into those chambers and say
“Darling, I bleed, this heart beats, for you.”

If only my hands could not be so calloused,
I could touch you as softly as you deserve.
You are built so fragilely; you are still so strong.
I want to be as strong as you are one day.

But I promise to be better than I was,
I promise.
And I promise to be better than I am,
I promise.

—   "Greater Than Atlas" - Nishat Ahmed

This is for the kids that have fist fights with the mornings,
Wrestling with their sheets
That they’re being choked just by waking up.

I know about the black inside your lungs,
I have swallowed it for years,
I am still emptying my chest,
Why do you think I bleed ink?

Suicide sunk into my scream,
It’s cut my throat so many times that
Now I’m afraid to speak.
I hope nobody ever ends up like me,
I hope we can all find a way to breathe.

This is for every kid with the barrel loaded,
Razors tucked against their wrists,
Parents using words as fists,
Our hands frozen by our minds
Praying the metal won’t slip

Knowing that the safety never clicked,
Knowing that the pills will make them sick,
Knowing that the rope is too thick,
Knowing that depression has a tight grip.

Lower your shoulders
Let the pressure sink into your spine,
You’re safe,
You’re here,
I will wrap you in my arms,
You are mine.

This is for every kid who feels like they are not enough,
You are enough.
You are here, you are here, you are here,
Stay here with me.
Stay here, keep the scars away,
And if there are scars from before
Come to me, I will open my door and

Kiss every inch of skin where the blade went in.
I will kiss every inch of you where it hurts,
My little loves,
I will love you until it burns.
You have been so cold
It will be winter no more.
We’ll have summer twelve months a year
And even if it rains,

We will dance in the streets until the sun comes back again.

—   "Against The Gray, Against The Black" - Nishat Ahmed

Anonymous said: I've been trying to find whether you have a poetry book!? If you do could you please post a link to it, but if not then I really hope you make one. Love your work! :)

This has been sitting in my inbox for quite some time and I keep forgetting to not be lazy and edit my links, but yes I have a book! You can click on the link at the top of my blog that says “My Book”

Or click here to purchase my book!

Anonymous said: Describes your girlf Nish


She can do it better than I can! ;D

Anonymous said: How does a guy feel about taking a girls virginity, does it make them feel special?

Uh, idk, never done that and I honestly dont think being a virgin or taking someones virginity is a big deal. Its just the first time you have sex. Instead i think you should make a bigger deal about who it is youre having sex with and if you really truly feel that its the right time, thats waaay more important in my opnion.

Anonymous said: That's all you have to say about her?

I mean, ya’ll have the url to her blog! And like the last couple poems I have are about her so I feel like you can get a decent sense of who she is. I could talk about her for hours so idk do you want certain things?

“I heard you calling the first time you cried out to me,
We played trumpet hymns
In separate homes. Phantom melodies
That roamed under lamp posts half lit
Trying to fill a moon half dim.
I know there is a wolf tucked in those teeth
So bare them out and howl with me
Because we are two hearts that were never meant to be tamed,
Wild an unruly,
Our nails too long and our hair sprawled on the floor.
I want something more,
You want something whole,
So fall into me and I’ll fall into you.
There is an ocean that engulfs continents
Sleeping between your lungs
I want to dive in headfirst and swim,
And swim,
And swim
Until I drown or find your shores.
I am a closet full of grief,
Open up my chest and pull all the unfurled heartstrings out of me.
We can use them to fix up that old, beat up acoustic
And our fingers can dance wildly against the flesh,
The wood,
And we can dance wildly in the woods
Screaming and yelling songs with no words
But we are enough in love not to care.
Let’s carve our names wherever we please,
In trees, in rocks, into our own skin.
If they ask where we live we’ll tell them
That we live right here,
And right there
Because homes and houses don’t always have addresses
They can be hands and arms,
Or fingers and palms.
I want to call you my home,
Fall asleep against your fireplace touch,
Run to you
When the lightning comes so
I can curl up against your walls and know
They will never come crashing down.
Let’s pull out these instruments again now,
Sing until our tongues give out.”

—   "Wolf Waltz" - Nishat Ahmed (via sickwithsyllables)

so I made a thing, the words are from a poem by Nishat Ahmed 

Ahh! This is so cool!!! Thank you so much :) This is from my poem called “Wolf Waltz”! If anyone else out there has made art from my work I’d love to see it :)


so I made a thing, the words are from a poem by Nishat Ahmed 

Ahh! This is so cool!!! Thank you so much :) This is from my poem called “Wolf Waltz”! If anyone else out there has made art from my work I’d love to see it :)

Anonymous said: Tell me about Marissa,Nish.

She and I jammed out to All Time Low for like 30 miles straight on the drive home from The Wonder Years, The Story So Far, Modern Baseball and Elder Brother. Nuf said

1. Whiskey is warm but your bed is warmer.

2. Your eyes are blue to the point where it’s almost clichè but still they are a rain that cleanses me of every trouble.

3. I have never wanted someone so close as much as I want you.

4. My head is spinning but knowing that you will be there for me keeps me grounded.

5. Your lips your lips your lips.

6. You are my peach, my plum, you are especially my banana even though I hate bananas but you love bananas so you are my banana and I love you.

7. I love you.

8. Whiskey is warm but you make me warmer.

—   "A Poem I Wrote For You Whilst Heavily Intoxicated (After Sober Editing For Grammar, Not Content)" - Nishat Ahmed